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Standing Committees of the Metropolitan Nashville Education Association
If you are interested in joining an MNEA committee, please email your name, school work site, and cell  
phone number using the "contact us" button to the right.  Be sure to use your NON-MNPS personal 
email address.

MNEA Bylaw V:

Section 8. Communications Committee shall:

a)  Work with members of the teaching profession in developing favorable community relations with and attitudes toward the teaching profession, the local schools, and public education.

b)  Promote and direct teacher participation in activities designed to improve community relations.

c)  Administer the scholarship programs of the Metropolitan Nashville Education Fund, Inc. at the direction of the Executive Board.

Section 9. The Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee shall:

a)  Explore and prepare action programs for securing satisfactory personnel policies and procedures for the redress of grievances.

b)  Be knowledgeable of, explain, interpret, and stimulate cooperative development of written school system policies, state board policies, local school laws and legal structure, and state and federal school laws and structure.

c)  Explain and defend teacher rights in such matters as tenure, contracts, and liability.

d)  Review and approve grievances to be submitted to arbitration in accordance with established grievance policy.

e)  Make proposals to the local negotiations committee; to hear complaints and advise members.

f)  Defend members of the Association, and the profession against unjust or adverse critics.

g) Encourage democratic procedures and understanding among the local board of education, the administration, the classroom teachers, and other school personnel

Section 10. The Instruction and Professional Development Committee shall:

a)  Develop action programs to raise and maintain standards for certification, employment, and assignment; to improve opportunities for pre-service, continuing, and in-service professional education; and to create and maintain rapport between the Association and neighboring or closely related institutions of higher education.

b)  Exercise professional concern in programs involving student teachers or relating to the concept of professional autonomy.

c)  Plan and coordinate programs for the general membership meetings of the Association.

d)  Work closely with the negotiations committee in formulating and promoting activities relating to improved instruction and professional development. 

Section 11. The Membership Committee shall:

a)  Plan and conduct the annual membership campaign for the local association and for the state and national associations.

b)  Develop and encourage understanding among all members and potential members of the need for a strong and unified profession.

Section 12. The Negotiations Committee shall:

a)  Coordinate the development of the negotiations proposals. It shall work for improvements relating to such matters as professional salary schedules, working conditions, personnel policy, retirement, insurance plans, and other fringe benefits, professional growth, student teaching programs, re-assignment, evaluation, discipline, promotion, grievances and other matters of concern to professional personnel.

b)  Negotiate on behalf of the association in the Negotiations Council.

c)  Submit the proposed contract to the MNEA membership for ratification.

Section 13. The Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules Committee shall:

a)  Keep current the original copies of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules.

b)  Submit proposed changes to the Executive Board and Representative Assembly.

c)  Solicit member input as to needed revisions and changes.

d)  Draft into proper language all proposed changes.

e)  Submit a rationale to the Representative Assembly for any proposed changes.

f)  Provide for Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules revisions to keep all sections of the document compatible with amendments added after the document is ratified.

Section 14. Human Relations Committee - The Human Relations Committee shall:

a)  Be responsible for initiating and coordinating association activities in the area of administrator/teacher/student/parent relations.

b)  Encourage the expansion of the activities of local school Human Relations Committee.

c)  Maintain a continuous training program for committee members and others interested in developing human relations skills.

d)  Publicize events, dates, persons, etc., significant in development of the human rights movement.

e)  Develop and disseminate appropriate materials for use by association members in the planning of human relations activities.

f)  Work with student and parent groups, community organizations, and/or community agencies in the development and implementation of district or city-wide human relations activities.

g)  Serve as the liaison for community people, organizations, and/or community agencies in the development and implementation of district or city-wide human relations activities.

Section 15. Minority Affairs Committee shall:

a)  Further develop the all-inclusiveness of the association, so that every member has a feeling of belonging regardless of his/her race, culture, creed, religion or sex.

b)  Strive to maintain and upgrade the level of involvement of members in the mainstream of association programs, in support of local association goals and objectives.

c)  Prepare minorities for leadership roles.

d)  Provide workshops, conferences and other meetings to train and encourage minorities to serve in specific areas of concerns for the association.

Section 16. The Exceptional Education Committee shall:

a)  Monitor the school system's exceptional education programs.

b)  Advise the Association on current trends in special education.

Section 17. The Internal Relations Committee shall:

a)  Coordinate or assist with social activities as directed by the president, Executive Board, and Representative Assembly.

To join a committee send your name, school, phone number and the name of the committee you are interested in to
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