An Open Letter to the Metropolitan Council


Members of the Metropolitan Council:


The citizens of Nashville deserve a just and competent local legislative body that takes its fiduciary responsibilities seriously.  In June, you chose not to correct the tax rate based on:


a disingenuous concern for the potential impact on gentrification,

an assertion that the process did not properly inform citizens, and

the keen desire to be re-elected.


You must, therefore, consider the implications of the two corporate welfare projects before the council and deny developers and millionaires access to public funding.  The MLS stadium will not help stem gentrification; it will just add gentrification to a new part of town.  Consider the impact on families pushed out of the neighborhood surrounding the fairgrounds when you cast your vote.  The Donelson Transit-Oriented Development District will line the pockets of developers and bring further gentrification to 37214.


The Karl Dean debt restructuring of a decade ago is now squeezing the life blood from our local government and our schools.  The budget you passed in June, which was predicated on the assumption the school board would sell the Woodycrest bus barn property, was irresponsible, an act of deception, and a nod to gentrification.  Nashville deserves a legislative branch that acts responsibly and makes the right decisions even when the mayor refused to do the same.  Stop hiding behind poor people and standup to developers, millionaires, and their puppets in the executive branch.


You have an opportunity to support our schools and to stop gentrification by abandoning the MLS stadium and the Donelson Transit-Oriented District.  Our community cannot afford to squander what little tax revenue you have authorized.  Do the right thing!




Erick E. Huth, Ed. D., President

Metropolitan Nashville Education Association

531 Fairground Court

Nashville, TN 37211-2008