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Metropolitan Nashville Education Association​
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MNEA’s MNPS Paycheck Information Page
Q: Where can I find a copy of the MNPS Teacher Salary Schedule?

A:  The MNPS Teacher Salary Schedule is available by following this link.

Q:  Where can I find a copy of the MNPS Payroll Calendar?

A:  The MNPS Payroll Calendar is available by following this link.

Q:  How do I verify that my pay is correct?

A:  Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools uses the Metropolitan Government Payroll System (EBS), which is designed to pay employees on a continuous hourly basis. Thus, the Metro Payroll Department has devised a cumbersome workaround to pay teachers in 22 equal installments. Remember 10-month teachers work a 201-day contract but are paid over a 220-day payroll calendar (22 equal pays). The result is that you earn more money for each hour you work than for any hour in a weekday during the payroll period. 

The EBS “paid hourly rate” (listed in the “Earnings Rate” column) represents 1650 paid hours in the school year (7.5 hours times 220 days). However, since you actually earn 201 days of pay, your “earned hourly rate” will be different. The “Current” earnings total actually represents one 22nd of your annual salary—not 75 hours times the hourly rate shown on your check. 

To make matters more confusing, some rates of pay shown on your check are the earned rate. The key is to only pay attention to the totals in the "CURRENT" column. When you take personal days, professional days, sick leave days, etc., just add the totals together in the "CURRENT" column.  You should alway have a sum equal to one 22nd of your annual salary unless you had unpaid time. If you run out of sick leave and take an unpaid sick day or if you were hired after the first day of in-service, the deduction for unearned hours (7.5 hours times 201 days) is HIGHER than the paid hourly rate.  Remember, your pay is being spread over 22 pay periods, which includes a number of unpaid days off.

For problems with your check, first ask the bookkeeper in your school who enters payroll. Al so, the EBS Help Desk (615-862-8427) is staffed during regular working hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). 

Our paycheck calculator tool (an Excel worksheet) can be downloaded here.