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Metropolitan Nashville Education Association​
531 Fairground Court, Nashville, TN 37211-2008​
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MNEA National Teacher Day Banquet
MNEA will hold its Annual National Teacher Day Banquet in May 2018 at MNEA. Seating is limited.  At the banquet, we will honor our annual award winners and retiring members of MNEA. Retiring MNEA members are eligible to celebrate with us as our guests free of charge! Others are welcome at the cost of $30.00 each.  Seating will be made on a first-come-first-served basis except for those who pay the $50 reserved seating fee ($50 per table of up to 10).

Register here

Pay by credit card or PayPal here.

DEADLINE for reservations is Friday, May 12, 2017. 

If you are a retiring MNEA member and are participating in the banquet, please submit a HUMOROUS story from your career at this link.

Please note that groups of more than ten cannot be seated at one table because of space limitations. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us using the link below or call 615-726-1499.

Sample story:​  While working at an Area Education Agency in Davenport, Iowa, I was assigned to work with three brothers—all young, energetic, and very interesting. My job involved making home visits to deliver speech and language services to students. The first day I met them, I knocked on the door of the three brothers, walked into the home, and entered the Twilight Zone! The boys spoke only an invented language that no one understood except them. The language was so intricate that the code was never deciphered during my tenure with them. My first clue that something was odd came when the boys were introduced as “Willie, his brother Willie, and his other brother, Willie.”

Points to remember when submitting your story:

  •   Stories may be edited for length and content.
  •   Most retirees will submit a humorous story.  Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to submit one.
  • ​  The box for story text may look small but it will accept up to 100 words.
  •   Stories will be printed in the banquet program.
  •   Stories will be limited to 100 words.
  •   Stories will be read aloud as part of the program.
  •   Stories should be about something that happened during your career in education.  
  •   You may cut text, which you have edited in a word processor, and paste it into form.

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