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Am I cheated when we don’t have any snow days?

Public schools in Tennessee are required to have an instructional day of at least 6.5 hours. In districts with a 7-hour instructional day, the state allows for “stockpiling” of the additional time to allow districts to build in snow days and/or additional teacher workdays beyond the 5 required inservice days. The 30 additional minutes of daily instructional time add up to a total of 13 stockpiled days during any given year.

Are teachers working for free when we don’t use all the snow days? Shouldn’t we get extra pay for working those days? 

No, teachers are not working for free! The teacher workday in MNPS has been 7.5 hours for decades—long before stockpiling was achieved by extending the elementary student day in 1998. Teachers are paid for the built-in snow days whether snow materializes or not.  Remember: if we work, we get paid, and we even get paid if we stay home on built-in snow days!  We get paid for working those days that we are not required to report to work.

Think of snow days as “paid days off” or missed instructional days that are “forgiven.” The premise that teachers deserve to be paid extra for snow days or get extra days off is completely false.  If we take those built-in snow days, we still get paid for working those days.  

Why does MNPS have only 6 built-in inclement weather days while other districts have more?

In 2017-2018, the MNPS school calendar designated the use of the 13 stockpiled days as follows: 6 to be used for snow/inclement weather forgiveness (the first was used on August 21 for the eclipse), 4 days professional development/planning (including including a PD day on Presidents’ Day and 3 other days formerly designated as planning), and 3 for exams at high school (3 half days each semester). 

There were 7 inclement weather days used as of January 19, 2018 in the 2017-2018 school year:

  • 1.  August 21 (stockpiled used day)

  • 2.  September 1 (stockpiled used day)

  • 3.  January 12 (stockpiled used day)

  • 4.  January 16 (stockpiled used day)

  • 5.  January 17 (stockpiled used day)

  • 6.  January 18 (stockpiled used day)

  • 7.  January 19 (to be made up on March 16)