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Metropolitan Nashville Education Association​
531 Fairground Court, Nashville, TN 37211-2008​
MNEA Election Results    View Results Election Result Here
Amanda Kail--winner
Theresea Wagner

Vice President
Michele Sheriff--winner
Erick Huth

Paula Pendergrass--winner
Carrol Trusty

Profession Practice Chair
Deirtra Bledsoe--winner
Nikki Hughes

High School Director of the MNEA Board
Laura Leonard--winner
Kennth Martin

MNEA PACE, District 1
Marilyn Bell--winner
Sherrie Martin--winner
Kenneth Martin

MNEA PACE, District 2
Mary Holden--winner
Paula Pendergrass--winner
Wamon Buggs
Nikki Hughes
Laura Leonard
LeRoy Castle

MNEA PACE Council, District 3
Mary Jo Cramb--winner
Christina Brumleve--winner
Ginny Cox
Randall Osborn

MNEA PACE Council, District 4
Heather McCall--winner
Jennifer Hodges--winner
Carol Burden
Susan Floyd
Kellee Hill

MNEA-PACE Council Category 2 Member
Stephanie Ham--winner
Harry McMackin

Category 1 State Delegates to the 2019 NEA Annual Meeting
Erick Huth--winner
Theresa Wagner--winner

Michele Sheriff--successor
Jeannine Renfro--successor
Kenneth Martin--successor

Category 2 State Delegates to the 2019 NEA Annual Meeting
Vote totals reported to TEA for tabulation with ballots from across the state.

Local Delegates to the 2019 NEA Annual Meeting
Amanda Kail--winner
Theresa Wagner--winner
Paula Pendergrass--winner
Erick Huth--winner
Michele Sherrif--winner
Mary Holden--winner
Deirtra Bledsoe--winner
Kenneth Martin--winner
Jane Walling--winner
Jeannine Renfro--winner
Susan Norwood--winner

Laura Leonard--successor
Cynthia Jones--successor
Heather McCall--successor
Christina Brumleve--successor
Jennifer Hodges--successor
Howard Mitchell--successor
Raymond Boyd--successor
Joshua Wilburn--successor
Candra Clariette--successor
Susan Floyd--successor
Numerous other candidates received only one write-in vote.

Insurance Trust
Amanda Kail--winner
Jerri Simon

For candidate info published in the Slate on February 13, 2019, click here.

Click here to see the MNEA Election Guidelines